The promise we make to our customers and ourselves, each and every day.

Creative, Approachable, Responsive & Expert

These four words are the heart and soul of Southeastern Mills. By defining our key attributes, we have created a standard in which we approach each other, our customers and the entire community. It is the C.A.R.E standard we strive to achieve everyday that makes Southeastern Mills who we are.


Solving our customers’ creative problems is what gets our blood pumping. It’s our chance to be imaginative, innovative and even daring.


We are a family business made up of down-to- earth people who are friendly, easy to work with, and just darn likeable.


As a company, we pride ourselves on providing custom solutions on tight timelines. We are “all in” and ready to listen, to act, and to take ownership – ALL THE TIME.


Simply put, we know our stuff – every single one of us. From the time the request comes in to the time it goes out the door, it’s handled by only the best. We each take incredible pride in every facet of our work.

C.A.R.E. Focuses on Our Customers

Our customers have specific challenges, and ultimately need more than an off-the-shelf client services. We are culinary collaborators who take pride is operating every aspect of our business with great C.A.R.E. We never stop as good enough. We strive to create a genuine and unique experience with every customer, every partner, and every person we meet in business.

C.A.R.E. Means We Don't Take the Easy Way Out

C.A.R.E. means we don’t take the easy way out. We are committed to finding powerful, customized solutions. That means sitting down and handcrafting answers our customers’ very specific challenges.

Working With C.A.R.E

Watch the video below to see how we put our C.A.R.E pillars into action