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Everything starts with flavor. It’s what keeps our customers and yours coming back. And we constantly push the envelope to lead the way–not just keep up on–fresh ideas and custom flavors in a variety of categories.

  • Granular and Powder Bouillon
  • Bases and Pastes
  • Broth Concentrate
  • Stock and Broth
Products and Applications


In addition to our Original Louisiana Hot Sauce, our sauce masters also blend a number of “Flavored Hot Sauces” using other pepper varieties as well as garlic, onions, and more. Each flavor has its own unique spiciness in addition to a flavor profile designed to tempt the palates of spicy food lovers.

  • Sweet Heat with Honey
  • Hotter than Hot
  • Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce
  • Louisiana Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • And many more
Products and Applications