To us, being good isn’t good enough. It has to be stupid good.

Hadley Katzenbach

Culinary Development Chef — Industrial

Favorite family recipe? I can’t pick just one. My mother made a collection of recipes for her children – dishes she prepared during her many years of entertaining. They all bring good memories.

Celebrity look-alike? Kim Kardashian

Favorite part about working at Southeastern Mills? The fact that they listen to all ideas and from that flow of ideas comes really good things.

I remember when I first got into this business, I was living in a hotel room – just me, a couple of bare light bulbs and Gourmet Magazine. I distinctly remember reading an article about this hotel kitchen that was, to me, heaven on Earth – knowing I’d never work there. Over the years, I pushed myself hard – always looking for the next level job that could offer me quality experience. I attended the Culinary Institute of America, and went on to work in high-end hotels in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Frankfurt – and then I was invited to become the first American to work at the Dorchester Hotel in London. As I was preparing food for my first banquet – where the guest list included the Duke of Edinborough and The Prince of Wales – I realized I was now in the very kitchen I’d read and dreamed about so long ago. Eventually, I found this side of the industry and am really enjoying every minute of it. In the industrial world, if you can create a cleaner, healthier, lower sodium label, you can help thousands of people eat better. That’s important to me.

Nicholas John Landry

Corporate R&D Chef: East

Favorite family recipe? My grandmother’s “Coush-Coush” recipe – a traditional Cajun dish/cereal typically served warm for breakfast, and you would top it with butter, cane syrup, and milk. Something about the smell of a seasoned cast-iron skillet, lard or bacon fat, a wooden spoon, and the smell of the corn meal mixture toasting and cooking on a gas stove was just amazing to me.

Celebrity look-alike? Some people think I have the eyes of Bruce Willis?

Favorite part about working at Southeastern Mills? The fact that everyone within the company works great as a team and will do anything to help you succeed at getting your job accomplished – it seems like one big family.